North Korea to consider blocking missile tests a declaration of war

According to the news that Yonhap bases on North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim stated that all military activities of the United States and South Korea are closely followed, and that if North Korea launches intercontinental ballistic missiles, the United States will do so. He responded to the news that he was going to download it immediately.

Kim noted that they are ready to “reply” any attempt by the United States and South Korea, which are holding joint military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, against their countries.

Saying that North Korea’s missile tests are outside the jurisdiction of the United States, Kim said, “Military response to our strategic weapon tests in open waters and in the air without harming the security of neighboring countries will be considered a ‘declaration of war’ against North Korea.” used the phrase.

In a statement made by the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was warned that there could be violent physical conflict on the peninsula, and called on the United States to stop the joint military exercises it held with South Korea.

In the statement, it was emphasized that the international community should take steps to immediately stop the war exercises of the United States and South Korea and contribute to the “peaceful efforts” of North Korea in the region.

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