North Korean leader Kim inspects his country’s first military spy satellite

National newspaper Rodong Sinmun, close to the ruling Workers Party (WPK), published photos of Kim and her daughter while they were inspecting the facility in white lab coats.

North Korea’s official news agency (KCNA) reported that the military spy satellite has been examined by scientists and is ready to be loaded into the rocket after passing some tests.

In a statement made by the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was emphasized that North Korea has not yet informed international authorities about the launch of the satellite and if it is launched, it will “threaten regional peace and stability”.

Regarding the launch of the spy satellite, the statement said, “The North Korean regime proves once again that it is busy continuing its illegal provocations while ignoring the plight of the people.” expression was used.

North Korea tested first spy satellite

North Korea announced on December 19, 2022 that it had launched the test satellite, which is seen as the final stage in the development of the first spy satellite.

KCNA released low-resolution black-and-white photographs taken from the test satellite showing the South Korean capital Seoul and the city of Incheon from space.

The spy satellite was among the advanced military technology products that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced at the party meeting at the beginning of 2021. These included the multi-gun, solid-fuel long-range missile, underwater-launched nuclear missile, and nuclear-powered submarines.

Kim Jong-un announced on April 19 that all preparations for the launch of the country’s first military spy satellite were completed.

On the same day, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry called on North Korea to abandon its plan to launch the country’s first military spy satellite.

The ministry emphasized that the launch of the military spy satellite was a clear violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

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