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Krzysztof Krajewski, the Polish Ambassador to Moscow, announced that they gave a note to the Russian Foreign Ministry on the subject, due to the removal of the monument to the Polish victims of political repression in Russia, located near the city of Irkutsk, Russia.

Stating that the wooden cross erected in memory of the Lithuanian victims nearby was removed as well as the Polish monument, Krajewski stated that they did not separate the victims of the raid according to their nationality, and that both monuments were very valuable and important to them.

Reminding that the Polish monument, financed by the Polish community abroad, was erected in 2015 with the permission of the local authorities, Krajewski expressed that they are against removing the Polish and Lithuanian monuments and taking them to an unknown place.

Krajewski said that in the note they gave to the Russian Foreign Ministry as the Embassy, ​​they asked the reason for the removal of the two monuments, which are very important places of commemoration, and where they were taken.

Tensions high in Russian-Polish relations

The `Monument to Poles who suffered political repression in Russia` near the city of Irkutsk was located next to the cemetery where Poles who died as a result of mass repression in the Soviet Union in the 1930s are buried.

Poland and Russia, whose diplomatic relations have been problematic for a while, have recently seized the high school building affiliated to the Russian Embassy by the Warsaw Municipality, and a Russian SU-34 fighter jet approached the Polish Border Protection aircraft, which was on patrol in the Black Sea, dangerously. They exchanged notes of protest to each other.

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