Palestinian Prime Minister Shtiyya calls on Mediterranean-PA member states to recognize the State of Palestine

According to the statement made by the Palestinian Prime Minister’s Office, Ishtiyya met with the Akdeniz-PA delegation at its office in Ramallah.

Calling on the Mediterranean-PA member states to recognize the State of Palestine, İştiye stated that they made this call against Israel’s actions that undermine all opportunities for the two-state solution and the establishment of the Palestinian State.

Istiyya demanded pressure on Israel to abide by the agreements it signed and to allow elections to be held in all Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem.

Referring to Israel’s unilateral practices, Ishtiye said that Israel has declared a geographical, economic and demographic war against the Palestinian people.

Stating that “Palestinian people are victims of international double standards,” Shtiyye underlined that in addition to international law and United Nations resolutions, Israel is not sanctioned for its violations.

Recalling Israel’s actions that destroyed the two-state solution, Istiyya said that the continuation of these policies means progress towards a racist regime and the only state that has Israeli laws.

Antalya Deputy Atay Uslu, who was the Chairman of the AKDENİZ-PA Turkish Group in the 27th Legislative Period of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, is also in the delegation, which came to Palestine to make official contacts.

Established in 2005 for regional cooperation in the Mediterranean and carrying out activities in various fields, Akdeniz-PA’s members include Turkey and many European Union countries, as well as countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Palestine.

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