Parliament in Ecuador to convene to demand the removal of President Lasso from office

If 92 votes are reached, as per the constitution, the President will be removed from his post in the session where the opposition will put a no-confidence question on Lasso’s corruption accusations.

Lasso, who is accused of embezzlement in a contract between the state oil company and a tanker company, will answer the allegations from the parliamentary rostrum.

It was announced that the police took intense security measures around the parliament and created a security barrier between those who support Lasso and those who protested.

The Constitutional Court had decided that an impeachment inquiry could be carried out in the parliament on March 30, 2023, for Lasso, who was accused of corruption.

The impeachment request was previously denied

Lasso was given a no-confidence question in the parliament in June 2022 on corruption charges, but his dismissal request was rejected because he did not reach 92 votes.

President Lasso has the authority to dissolve the parliament and lead the country to early elections, rather than being tried in the event of a possible impeachment.

The opposition, which has been making multiple corruption charges against Lasso and his family members for some time, is demanding the President’s removal from office.

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