Pentagon: Another US base in Syria attacked

Iran-backed groups, which killed a US contracted personnel and injured 6 personnel, 5 of whom were soldiers and one contracted, by hitting a US-led coalition facility in Syria’s Hasakah province with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) yesterday, this time the US base in Deir ez-Zor. targeted.

At the daily press conference, Pentagon Spokesperson Ryder stated that at around 08:05 local time, 10 rockets launched an attack on the base called Green Village by the USA in Deir ez-Zor.

Ryder stated that they did not suffer any casualties in the attack, while in a written statement from the US Central Command (CENTCOM), it was informed that the rockets hit a house near the base and two women and two children were slightly injured.

The spokesperson claimed that the group that carried out the two attacks was also the same.

After the attack on the base in Hasakah, the US hit two facilities in Syria associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with air strikes.

Claims that air defense radars are not working

In the report of the New York Times, based on the US officials, on the UAV attack in which an American contract personnel died, it was claimed that the US air defense radars in Syria were not working.

In the news of the newspaper, it was stated that it was suspected that the radars were not working and were known by groups related to Iran.

Answering questions about this news, Ryder said that the attack is being investigated and this issue is being investigated by CENTCOM.

Brigadier General Ryder, on the other hand, claimed to have a radar observation capability to see the area.

Reminding that in the statement regarding the attack in which a personnel died, it was stated that the UAV belonged to Iran and that targets associated with the Revolutionary Guards Army were hit, a journalist asked, “Do you hold Iran responsible for the death of an American citizen here?” To the question, Ryder said, “Iran, of course, supports these groups and therefore it is obliged to ensure that they do not cause insecurity and instability in the region.” he just gave his answer.

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