“Pentagon sees China’s cargo cranes as spying tools”

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote that the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) thinks that China can use giant cargo cranes in US ports for espionage and sabotage activities.

In the news, which stated that some national security and Pentagon officials likened the cranes to a “Trojan horse”, it was noted that the cranes contain sensors that can track containers and predict their destination.

“Cranes could be the new Huawei,” a former senior intelligence official, Bill Evanina, said in the report. statement was included. In this way, Evanina said, the ostensibly legitimate business community can engage in covert intelligence activity.

“A paranoia driven initiative”

An official from the Chinese Embassy in Washington, on the other hand, evaluated the United States’ concerns about cranes as a “paranoia-driven” attempt to prevent trade and economic cooperation with China, and said that this would harm the interests of the United States.

In the news, the Microsoft Corp. It was stated that he was also working with the company. In the news, which stated that ZPMC officials did not comment on the subject, it was noted that US officials said that there were no examples of cranes used for intelligence activities.

The WSJ also wrote that some sources said they searched a cargo ship carrying ZPMC cranes in the port of Baltimore in 2021 and said they had found intelligence gathering materials.

The US Department of Defense had shot down the Chinese high-altitude balloon, which they claimed to be an intelligence balloon, on February 4, by order of President Joe Biden, with warplanes. Due to national security concerns in the USA, Chinese video sharing application TikTok was banned on state-owned devices as part of data security.

Claims regarding China’s intelligence activities in the country continue to be on the agenda.

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