Pentagon worries about China taking sides in Ukraine-Russia war

Answering questions at the daily press conference, Ryder said, “We have not yet seen China giving arms to Russia, but we know that they have not taken that option off the table.”

Expressing that if it gives weapons to Russia, it will be a cost for China, Ryder said that they warned Beijing.

“You said that China has not given weapons yet. It seems that the US is reacting early to the possibility of China giving arms to Russia. What is the biggest concern here? How will China’s support to Russia affect the battlefield?” Ryder, China He said that Turkey, as a big country, has much more advanced technology weapons.

“We will continue to support Ukraine”

“What we will see is that China, which has very advanced weapons and has also declared its neutrality before, takes sides and says, ‘We are in the camp that says, ‘We will eliminate Ukraine from now on,’ as I said before, this conflict will prolong this conflict,” Ryder said.

The spokesperson stated that the United States will continue to support Ukraine as long as the war continues.

With the latest aid package, the USA has provided 32 billion dollars in military aid to the Ukrainian army so far.

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