PKK blackmails in the French press: They demanded arbitrary money with threats

They collected tribute under the name of tax, kidnapped people to make them members of the organization…

With these allegations, France brought the members of the terrorist organization PKK, which it has not concealed for years, to justice.

11 people reached within the scope of an investigation carried out since 2020 have been on trial in the Paris court since 4 April.

The French newspaper Le Figaro included the details of the case file.

Accordingly, the investigation in question was opened in 2020 after the disappearance of two women.

Investigators reached a network operating in Marseille, which supposedly collects taxes for the terrorist organization. It has been determined that this network is the structure that provides the main financing to the organization.

Extortion through threats

According to Le Figaro, some Kurds were forced to pay money to the terrorist organization because they were threatened.

It was reported in the news that annual tribute of about two million euros is collected only in the southeast region of the country.

They were forcibly separated from their families

It was also mentioned in the news that those who were recruited to the organization were forcibly separated from their families.

It was stated that the defendants formed secret cells to mobilize the Kurdish community in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

It was reported that the people who were separated from their families were first persuaded to join the so-called ideological training camp in Europe, then they were trained in so-called military camps, and finally they were sent to terror camps in and around Iraq.

PKK case in the French press

France 24 also included testimonies and wiretaps in the PKK case.

In France 24 news, it was stated that members of the terrorist organization PKK harassed and extorted the people they demanded money from.

It was noted that PKK members forced these people to contribute arbitrarily based on their estimated income.

The French newspaper La Parisen also covered an incident that took place during the trial.

The lawyers of the PKK terrorist organization members asked the police officers in the lodge to remove their ski masks.

The Court Judge rejected the lawyers’ request, saying this is a terrorism case. The hearing was adjourned to April 14.

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