Poland wants to build “Europe’s strongest army”

US Vice President Kamala Harris held a joint press conference at the White House with Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki, who is visiting Washington for official talks.

Pointing to the importance of Poland in the support of Ukraine, hosting Ukrainian refugees and defending the eastern flank of NATO within the scope of the Russia-Ukraine War, Harris said that the relations between the USA and Poland are strong.

“Poland is a valued ally, partner and friend. We have a lasting relationship[with Poland]based on shared priorities and values,” Harris said.

“Poland wants to be the cornerstone of European security”

Mateusz Morawiecki expressed that Warsaw and Washington are the two poles of Western civilization and shared the view that they should work together in many parts of the world.

Mentioning the importance of the support given to Ukraine, Morawiecki pointed to the rising inflation and energy prices in the USA as well as in his country due to the Ukraine war.

“The resurgence of Russian imperialism heralds a new Cold War.” Mateusz Morawiecki said that if Ukraine is not supported, there may be a risk of global conflict.

“Poland wants to build the strongest army in Europe”

Pointing to the increase in Poland’s defense expenditures, Morawiecki stated that his country wants to be the cornerstone of European security and said, “Poland wants to establish the strongest army in Europe. That’s why we want to cooperate with the American industry, which is the most advanced defense industry in the world.”

Emphasizing the importance of a strong transatlantic alliance, Morawiecki said that he believed the war in Ukraine was not only the beginning of the end of Russian imperialism, but also the beginning of the “Transatlantic Renaissance”.

Harris and Morawiecki will discuss energy, economy and political relations as well as military cooperation in their bilateral talks.

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