Police in France will be able to use drones in demonstrations

According to the news in the country’s press, the Council of State evaluated the objection to the decree allowing the police to use drones in demonstrations.

The court, citing that “there is no serious doubt about the legality of the practice”, decided that there was no problem in using drones in demonstrations.

The court, which banned this practice, which was implemented by the police in 2020 before the decree was issued, decided in favor of the police and gendarmerie, who were authorized to use drones with the decree published in April this time.

Drone use will be limited

According to the decision, in case of violations in the use of drones by the police, an administrative judge may intervene in the practice.

The police will only be able to monitor suspicious situations with drones, any other use will be considered a violation.

The Council of State will soon announce the decision covering certain regulations regarding the content of the decree allowing the use of drones.

In the demonstrations held across the country on May 1, Labor and Solidarity Day in France, the police used drones in many cities such as Lyon, Le Havre, including the capital Paris. Many associations objected to this and took the practice to the Council of State.

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