Police intervened against the person who opposed the burning of the Quran in Sweden

Pakistani Shahza reacted to Iraqi origin Salman Momika’s burning of the Holy Quran in front of the Pakistani Embassy.

Shahza shouted to Momika from behind the security strip, “Please don’t burn the Qur’an, it’s not a good thing you’re doing, I don’t feel well, I can’t sleep. I’m a person who has had a bypass surgery. Why do you keep burning the Qur’an. You are considered my home. Why are you burning the Quran in front of the Pakistani Embassy. I’m sick, I can’t sleep, please stop this. Why does the police allow this?” said.

Thereupon, Shahza, who was silenced by the police and removed from the area, was detained for a short time.

After his release, Shahza told the Holy Quran that the attacks had deteriorated his health.

Heart patient Shahza said, “I asked Momika why she burned the Quran. I said it was not a good thing and I asked her to stop burning the Quran. Swedish politicians need to stop burning the Quran. There are reactions from all over the world and this is Sweden. It is not good for him,” he said.

After the action, Momika left the scene with an armored police vehicle and was accompanied by 20 police vehicles, 10 of which were armored, and about 100 police officers.

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