Pope grants women the right to vote at bishops

According to the Vatican’s statement, the Pope approved some changes in the norms related to the administration of the Bishops’ Assembly, one of the important consultative organs of the Catholic Church, where bishops from all over the world meet periodically to address certain issues.

With the amendment made by Pope Francis, non-bishops were also given the right to vote.

In this, the most striking change was the fact that non-bishops, and especially female members, were granted voting rights in the Synod, where until now only bishops were able to vote.

“A historic landmark”

In the Italian press, it was stated that these changes were a “historical turning point” for the Vatican and “an unprecedented innovation in the Catholic Church”.

Media reports stated that 70 more non-bishops will be appointed to the Synod, with the condition that half of them must be women and that these people will also have the right to vote.

Accordingly, in the Synod, which will consist of approximately 370 members; It is expected that there will be a total of 41 women who have the right to vote, 6 of them from within the church and 35 of them newly appointed. Thus, the representation of women who have the right to vote in the next Synod, which is scheduled to meet in October, will be around 10 percent.

Cardinal Jean Claude Hollerich, one of the names responsible for the organization of the Synod, said in a statement to the press, “This is an important change, but not a revolution.”

Pope Pope Francis has previously taken steps to ensure that women take senior roles in the Vatican State administration.

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