Praise from the head of the British Red Cross to the Red Crescent

British Red Cross Michael Adamson, who visited Gaziantep last week, praised the Red Crescent’s work in the region and thanked him for the help.

In the video shared on the official Twitter account of the British Red Cross, it was stated that “British Red Cross President Michael Adamson visited Gazientep, where many people were left homeless due to earthquakes. The Turkish Red Crescent set up psychosocial tents to support children in the process of trauma and mourning.”

In Michael Adamson’s video message, “We returned to Gaziantep. Here around me there are tents for people who had to leave because their houses were destroyed. Now I am in front of the psychosocial tents set up for psychological support. Here, children of all ages receive support, receive education and play. They find a way to tell and understand their experiences.

Today, we have seen the incredible work that the Turkish Red Crescent has done on clothing, food and psychological support. We could not have done this without our supporters and donors. You helped us achieve this. We know that recovery will take time. On behalf of the British Red Cross, we would like to thank everyone who made this happen for their support.” said.

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