Pre-Ramadan care for the cover of the Kaaba

According to the Saudi Arabian official news agency SPA, Director of the Kaaba Cover Maintenance Administration, Fahd al-Jabiri, said that the latest technologies and the best materials in international standards were used in the said processes.

Emced al-Hazimi, one of the officials of the Kaaba Cover Maintenance Administration, stated that the Kaaba cover and the copper rings used to fasten the cover are examined every day and quickly strengthened and maintained.

The cover of the Kaaba is changed every year on the eve of the pilgrimage season, apart from the maintenance, repair and cleaning works carried out at various times.

There are various verses and prayers embroidered with gold and silver on the Kisve-i Şerif, which used approximately 700 kilos of pure silk, 120 kilos of silver and gold in its construction.

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