Prigojin stated that the Russian army has banned Wagner from entering the headquarters

Prigojin, also known as the “Kremlin’s cook”, made a statement on the social media account of his company called “Konkord”.

Prigojin said that he wrote a letter to the commander of the Russian “special military operations” units in Ukraine on March 5 for the urgent allocation of ammunition.

Prigojin stated that they “continue to destroy the Ukrainian Armed Forces” near Bahmut.

Wagner claimed that “the Russian army did not give them ammunition”

Last month, mercenaries from the Russian security company Wagner sought support from the Russian Ministry of Defense, claiming in a video they took that “they were no longer supplied with ammunition”.

Prigojin, in his written statement regarding the call in the video, emphasized that the mercenary fighters did not use a defamatory expression of the Russian Ministry of Defense and stated that they only expressed their demands for ammunition.

Afterwards, Prigojin stated that a sufficient number of ammunition was produced in Russia, but the problems related to its supply were not resolved. “Despite all my contacts, I cannot solve this problem. Everything is in place. No decision is taken on this issue.” he said.

After this statement, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the statements about “problems with the supply of ammunition” were not based on reality and stated that all the demands of the attack units were fulfilled as soon as possible.

The allegation that “Wagner and the Russian Ministry of Defense have come into conflict”

In a written statement made by the British Ministry of Defense on February 11, it was stated that the rivalry between Wagner and the Russian Ministry of Defense has increased recently and that Wagner can no longer use the prisoners in Russian prisons on the Ukrainian front.

In some news in various media outlets in Western countries, it was claimed that the Russian Ministry of Defense had warned Russian media organizations not to use the names of Wagner and Prigojin in the news.

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