Prime Minister Mitsotakis was given the task of forming a government in Greece.

Sakelaropulu gave Prime Minister Mitsotakis the task of forming a government in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 37 of the Constitution, which he accepted in his office.

Mitsotakis, in his statement here, stated that the message coming out of the ballot box was clear, “I think that the intention to form a government from the current parliament is not really possible.” said.

Stating that he thinks it is impossible to form a coalition government, Mitsotakis said, “I intend to hand over the task of forming a government to you this evening so that if my prediction that it is impossible to form a government turns out to be true, we can go to the polls as quickly as possible, probably on June 25.” he said.

The ruling New Democracy Party won the election.

In the general elections held yesterday in Greece, the party of the current Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis received more than 40 percent of the vote (146 seats) and outperformed its closest rival, the Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA), led by Aleksis Tsipras.

The main opposition Radical Left Alliance (SYRIZA) took the second place with 71 seats with 20.07 percent of the vote.

The PASOK-KINAL alliance, which finished third in the election race, won 41 seats with 11.46 percent of the vote.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) won 26 seats with 7.23 percent of the vote, while the Greek Solution Party won 16 seats with 4.45 percent of the vote.

Thus, while the number of parties entering the parliament was 5, no party could reach the required 151 seats in the parliament to form a government alone.

According to the new election system, it is possible to go to the polls for the second time

According to the electoral system implemented for the first time this year in Greece, if the results of the ballot boxes do not allow any party to come to power alone, negotiations for a coalition will be held. If a consensus cannot be reached for the coalition, ballot boxes are set up for the voters for the second time.

When the ballot box goes to the ballot box for the second time, the winner party is given an additional 20 seats in the 300-seat parliament, provided that it receives at least 25 percent of the vote. Every time the vote rate exceeds 25 percent by 0.5 percent, the number of extra seats increases by one.

According to unofficial results, if New Democracy, which has 146 seats in the parliament, gets the same percentage of votes at the polls for the second time, the number of seats is expected to exceed 160 and it is expected to come into power alone.

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