Putin and Xi’s meeting in Moscow begins

Putin and Xi made a statement in the open to the press of the meeting held at the Kremlin Palace.

Congratulating Xi on his third election as president, Putin said, “China has taken a tremendous step forward in development in recent years. This attracts attention all over the world, and we are even a little jealous. It has an effective role in the development of the economy and strengthening the state in China. “The system was established. This system is much more effective than the systems of many countries in the world. It is a fact. The mechanisms in the market are aligned with a very secure political route and are producing visible results.” used the phrases.

Emphasizing that China will develop further under the leadership of Xi, Putin reminded that Xi also visited Russia 10 years ago when he was elected as the head of state.

“In this process, we took important steps to improve our relations. Bilateral trade volume doubled from 87 billion to 185 billion dollars. We have many common goals,” Putin said.

Stating that the Chinese administration attaches importance to the development of bilateral relations and displays a “fair” and “balanced” position regarding current international problems, Putin said that they are examining China’s proposals for the solution of the crisis in Ukraine.

Expressing that they will also discuss this issue in their meeting with Xi, Putin said, “We know that you have adopted the principles that require justice and the application of the fundamental provisions of international law and ensuring indivisible security for all countries. You also know that we are always open to the negotiation process. Of course, we can discuss these issues, including your initiatives, which we respect. We will,” he said.

Pointing out that Russia and China continue their interaction in the international arena, Putin emphasized that this contributes to the strengthening of the multipolar order.

Vladimir Putin added that they will also discuss issues of cooperation in the field of economics with Xi.

“We will achieve the goals together with our cooperation and close interaction”

Chinese President Xi began his speech by stating that he always called Putin “my dear friend”.

Stating that he made his first foreign visit to Russia after his re-election, Xi reminded that he made his first foreign visit to Russia when he was elected President of China for the first time 10 years ago.

Expressing that they highly value relations with Russia, Xi pointed out that this has historical logic on the grounds that they are the largest neighboring countries.

Saying that China and Russia are comprehensive strategic interaction and cooperation partners, Xi said, “This status determines that there should be close relations between our countries.”

Noting that Russia will hold presidential elections next year, Xi said, “Thanks to your strong leadership, you have made significant progress in achieving results and prosperity for the country in recent years. I am sure that the Russian people will continue to support you in your good initiatives.”

Expressing that the two countries have the same or similar goals as they progress, Xi said, “Both countries are making great efforts to achieve our development and prosperity goal. For example, we have set the task of carrying out modernization on the Chinese model. Russia has also set ambitious goals for the development of the country. Our cooperation. I am confident that we will definitely achieve these goals together with our close interaction and cooperation.”

Stressing that he is grateful to Putin for the development of relations between China and Russia in recent years, Xi said, “In the development of the international strategic partnership between China and Russia, we must achieve the goal of ensuring justice and equality in the world on the one hand, and ensure the development and welfare of our countries in this process.” said.

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