Rapid Support Forces in Sudan agree to ceasefire

“The HDK Command expresses its gratitude and appreciation for its efforts to maintain a humanitarian ceasefire in order to open safe humanitarian corridors for citizens of brotherly and friendly countries and facilitate evacuations,” HDK said in a statement. it was said.

The statement thanked the United States and Saudi Arabia for their uninterrupted efforts since the outbreak of the crisis in the country.

“NGO, in accordance with the principles of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions on the protection of fundamental human rights in the event of war, with the United Nations (UN), African Union (AfB) and the Intergovernmental Development Authority in East Africa (IGAD) through the tripartite mechanism of the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia. We announce that we have approved the proposal of the quadrilateral mechanism, consisting of Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to extend the humanitarian ceasefire for 72 more hours.”

“We are committed to the ceasefire”

In the statement, which stated that the ceasefire will begin at midnight, it was emphasized that the HDK takes into account the conditions of the people and the diplomatic missions are committed to humanitarian ceasefire conditions to facilitate the evacuation of foreign nationals.

In the statement, “We would like to draw attention to the existence of more than one decision-making center under the leadership of the armed forces, putschists and remnants of the old regime; this situation led to contradictory decisions and this situation was also reflected in the failure to comply with the ceasefire by attacking the camps and settlements of our forces with planes and artillery.” it was said.

On April 25, a 72-hour ceasefire was declared with the mediation of the USA. The ceasefire was to end by midnight tonight.

The Sudanese army announced that they decided to extend the current ceasefire for 72 more hours, with the efforts of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

IGAD solution initiative

Yesterday, IGAD launched a resolution initiative that included extending the current ceasefire for another 72 hours and a representative from the armed forces and the NGO traveling to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, to negotiate.

The Sudanese army announced that the Commander of the Army, General Abdulfettah al-Burhan, had received the initiative and accepted it “in principle” in principle.

Clashes between army and HDK in Sudan

Armed clashes broke out between the Sudanese army and the HDK on the morning of April 15 in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum and other cities.

The disagreement between the army and the HDK regarding the military security reform, which envisages “the full participation of the HDK in the army,” had turned into a hot conflict in the last few months.

Sudan’s Ministry of Health reported that 512 people were killed and 4,193 injured in the clashes between the army and the HDK that started on April 15th.

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