Republican Hogan announces he will not run

Former Maryland Governor, Republican Larry Hogan spoke about his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election in an interview with CBS News.

Stating that he was proud that people encouraged him to become president, Hogan said, “I took this seriously and talked to everyone, my family. It was a difficult decision, but I decided not to run for the presidency from the Republican Party.”

Expressing that he cares about his country and his party, Hogan said that he will continue to fight as a member of the Republican Party, but that he will not do it as a presidential candidate.

“My heart was telling me to run. My mind was saying no.” Hogan said that this is not logical for many reasons and that he thinks it is better not to compete because he is undecided. Hogan stated that this was the most difficult decision he made in his political career.

Known for his opposition to the policies of former US President Donald Trump, who is officially a candidate for the 2024 elections, Hogan pointed out that they have achieved some changes within the party and that the support given to Trump has dropped to 30 percent.

‘They are ready to consider moving in a different direction’

“While two-thirds of people in the Republican Party have supported Trump and his policies, they are really willing to consider going in a different direction,” Hogan said. he said.

Hogan said that Trump still appears ahead in the polls, and that the landscape may change until the elections. Hogan said he hopes Trump won’t win the elections, and on the other hand, Ron DeSantis, who is expected to be a candidate even if he thinks differently, has the right to run.

Hogan defended the view that Joe Biden should not be the next president, emphasizing that they should choose the best candidate against him. On the other hand, Hogan stated that he had great respect for former Vice President Mike Pence, whose candidacy was discussed, and that he was an honest and experienced person.

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