Right-wing coalition wins majority in Chilean Constitutional Council elections

In the election where 50 members were voted for the draft of the new constitution, the people chose 33 members from the right-wing coalition.

According to data from the Chilean Electoral Service, 99.44 percent of the ballot boxes have been opened.

The right-wing bloc obtained 35.42 of the votes and obtained an absolute majority in the determination of the new constitution.

President Gabriel Boric’s party Unity for Chile took the second place with 28.57 percent, while the Safe Chile Party took the third place with 21.07 percent.

Right-wing Jose Antonia Kas stated that common sense has prevailed and said, “The people do not want sectarianism to divide the country again. It is not a time for division, it is a time for unity for Chile.” used the phrase.

Boric, on the other hand, asked the winning Republican Party to act “informed and measured”, and demanded that the mistakes made in the first constitutional process not be repeated.

People said “no”

On September 5, 2022, 61.9 percent of those who participated in the referendum held in Chile on whether the new constitution would be put into effect voted “no” on 5 September 2022.

In the census, the rate of those who wanted the new constitution to come into force in the country was 38.1%, and the rate of those who did not was determined as 61.9 percent.

The new constitution was decided by a referendum held in October 2020 on whether to rewrite the constitution, and in the municipal elections in 2021, the committee to write the new constitution was elected by the votes of the people.

“The legacy of the dictatorship”

Rewriting the constitution was one of the main demands of the protesters during the anti-government demonstrations called “social explosion” that started in October 2019 and lasted more than 5 months in Chile, causing looting and violence.

The Chilean constitution, written during the dictator Pinochet’s reign, is considered by some to be the “legacy of the dictatorship” and the “main source of inequality”.

It is thought that the constitution protects the economic system that does not provide adequate health, education and retirement opportunities due to privatizations and privatization incentives made by Pinochet.

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