“Russia has already lost in the long run”

Wallace attended a conference on defense and security organized by the ruling Conservative Party supporter “Conservative Home” in London, the capital of England.

In his speech here, Minister Wallace pointed to the problem of global security and warned that the world would be a more insecure and unstable place for the next ten or twenty years.

Wallace also made evaluations about the Russia-Ukraine war and said, “In the long run and in a kind of global macro positioning, Russia has already lost.”

Saying that Russia’s international reputation is much less than it was at the beginning, Wallace said that this situation is not likely to change in the next few years as long as the current Russian government continues its current position.

“We stand with Ukraine until the end, and I hope that eventually Russia will be driven out of Ukraine and Russia will be forced into some kind of negotiating position where Ukraine has a strong position and can choose what it wants to do with its future,” Wallace said.

Drawing attention to the importance of the use of “electronic warfare” on the battlefield, Wallace said, “The war in Ukraine showed that if you do not have electronic warfare capabilities, you can suddenly become very vulnerable or your very expensive equipment can be used on the wrong target.”

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