Russia: The process of taking control of the city of Bahmut continues

Shoigu made statements about the Russia-Ukraine War at a meeting with military officials.

Noting that the “special military operation” they started in Ukraine continues, Shoigu pointed out that the settlements of Mykolayivka, Dvorichna, Krasnaya Gora, Gryanikivka and Paraskoviyevka were taken under control as a result of the Russian army’s attacks in Donetsk and Kupyansk.

Shoigu stated that the clashes continue to take the city of Bahmut under control, “The process of liberating Artyomosvk (Bahmut) continues. This city is an important defense point for the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas. Taking this city under control is an attack to the inside of the defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. will ensure that actions are organized.” he said.

Stating that Western countries continue to provide military support to Ukraine, Shoigu said, “However, the support of the Kiev regime by NATO countries does not ensure that the Ukrainian forces are successful on the battlefield. On the contrary, there is a serious increase in the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. These losses are a percent in February compared to January. It increased by more than 40 to reach 11,000.” used the phrases.

“Over 39,000 women are on duty in the Russian army”

Shoigu shared the information that more than 39,000 women serve in the Russian Armed Forces, and 1100 of them took part in the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Stating that the construction process of the submarine “Kronstadt” is continuing, Shoigu stated that the submarine in question is planned to be equipped with “Kalibr” anti-ship cruise missiles and modern radar, hydroacoustic and navigation systems.

Shoigu added that 18 thousand students are planned to be admitted to military schools in the country this year.

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