Russia: US Secretary of State Blinken’s statement about Putin is absurd

Zakharova held a weekly press conference on the current issues in the capital Moscow.

Answering a question about US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement that “Putin is working harder than anyone else in the world to strengthen the NATO alliance,” Zaharova said this statement was “absurd”.

Pointing out that Blinken has a “bad” sense of humor, Zaharova said: “This is a sick, ridiculous and flawed way of thinking.

Noting that NATO is constantly expanding, Zaharova continued as follows:

“By 2022, was Moscow expanding NATO? Are we guilty of breaking the agreement between Russia and NATO? The West broke this agreement. Are we guilty again? That way you can reach the point of nonsense. They have already put our planet in a ridiculous situation. NATO over the years “As an alliance, we have constantly expanded. We have always said that this is worrying and that it will have consequences.”

“Washington wants to increase the degree of tension with Moscow”

Evaluating the visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine, Zaharova drew attention to the fact that this visit took place on the anniversary of the Square events in Ukraine in 2014.

“It’s good to remember that both criminologists and psychologists say similar things: the perpetrator always comes to the scene,” said Zaharova.

Pointing out that Biden started the election campaign that will take place next year in the USA with this visit, Zaharova said, “The fact that Biden’s statements in Kiev and Warsaw do not include the issue of a peaceful solution to the Ukraine issue shows Washington’s desire to increase the degree of tension with Moscow.” .

“Russia and China’s approaches to global security are close to each other”

Noting that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and China’s most senior diplomat, Wang Yi, Director of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Foreign Relations Commission, met today in the capital Moscow, Zaharova said that at this meeting, China’s plan for the solution of the Ukraine issue was discussed. Said it wasn’t addressed.

On the other hand, Zaharova said that Russia and China’s approaches to global security issues are close to each other.

“EU is cunning about civilian mission”

Referring to the decision of the European Union (EU) to establish a civilian mission in Armenia, Zaharova said, “When they talk about the civilian mission, they are cunning and do not tell the full truth.”

Zakharova called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to initiate joint work on the improvement of their relations.

Ministry Spokesperson Zaharova said that they will respond to the Dutch decision to limit the number of Russian diplomats in the country, and Romania to close the Russian cultural center in the capital Bucharest.

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