Russia: We attacked military industrial facilities in Ukraine with long-range missiles

Konashenkov made statements about the actions of the Russian army in the war in Ukraine.

Noting that the Russian assault detachments neutralized the Ukrainian troops in the western part of the city of Bahmut (Artyömovsk) in the direction of Donetsk, Konashenkov stated that the Russian airborne troops supported the actions of the assault detachments and pressed the Ukrainian troops on the flanks.

Noting that attacks were carried out against Ukrainian soldiers in Kalinovka, Chasov Yar, Nikolayevka and Stupochki in the Donetsk region, Konashenkov said that in the last day, Russian warplanes made 6 sorties in this region and artillery units fired 64 shots.

Konashenkov claimed that they neutralized nearly 330 Ukrainian soldiers in the region in question.

Noting that they hit the military industrial facilities in Ukraine tonight, Konashenkov said, “The Russian Armed Forces carried out a group missile attack on Ukraine’s military industrial facilities with long-range weapons launched from the sea and from the air. The attack reached its target. All identified objects were hit. Ammunition for the Ukrainian military units. The operations of enterprises engaged in the production of weapons and military equipment were disrupted. he said.

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