Russia: We shot down 4 fighter jets of the Ukrainian army

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov made statements about the actions of the Russian army in the war in Ukraine.

Stating that Russian assault detachments in Artyömovsk (Bahmut) in the direction of Donetsk took control of three districts in the northwest, center and southwest regions in one day, Konashenkov said that Russian airborne troops closed the northern and southern perimeters of the city.

Konashenkov stated that in the northwestern and central parts of the city of Artyömovsk, counterattack attempts of the offensive detachments of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were prevented.

Noting that the planes of the Russian Air Force shot down 3 planes of the Ukrainian Air Force in one day, Konashenkov said that 2 Mig-29s were shot down near the settlements of Novoukrainka and Sergeyevka in the Donetsk region, and a Su-25 fighter jet was shot down near the Dolgenkoye settlement in the Kharkiv region.

Konashenkov also said, “Russian air defense systems also shot down a Su-25 fighter jet of the Ukrainian Air Force in the vicinity of Ugledar.” used the phrase.

Spokesperson Konashenkov stated that 411 aircraft, 228 helicopters, 3 thousand 776 unmanned aerial vehicles, 415 air defense missile systems, 8 thousand 732 tanks and armored vehicles, 1089 multi-barreled rocket launchers, 4 thousand 619 howitzers and air guns, 9 so far belong to Ukraine. He noted that 1,617 private military vehicles were destroyed.

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