Russian and Ukrainian experts talked about the importance of the city of Bahmut

Ukrainian and Russian experts talked about the military strategic importance of the city after the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the city of Bahmut (Artyomosvk) was captured by the Russian army after the clashes that lasted for about 9 months in the Donetsk region.

Russian military expert Viktor Litovkin drew attention to the fact that Bahmut was captured by the Russian army during the G7 Summit in Japan, which was attended by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Litovkin said, “At this summit, Zelenskiy was promised the delivery of F-16 warplanes. Here, the position regarding the situation in Ukraine was agreed and ultimatums were put to Russia. With the capture of Bahmut, a strong slap was given to the G7 countries. Russia “The efforts to gain superiority over Russia and to put pressure on Russia have failed. Russia is doing and will continue to do what it aims to do,” he said.

Stating that Bahmut is of great importance in terms of transportation routes, Litovkin said, “Bahmut is a city that combines road and railway lines. Therefore, the Russian army opened the way for Kramatorsk and other cities under the control of Kiev in the Donetsk region.”

Litovkin stated that the Russian security company Wagner played an important role in the capture of Bahmut.

“The acquisition of Bahmut has political and symbolic meaning for Russia”

National Defense magazine Editor-in-Chief Igor Korotchenko also emphasized that the capture of Bahmut by the Russian army has a “political” and “symbolic” meaning for Russia.

Stating that there were heavy clashes in Bahmut for a long time, Korotchenko said, “Many Ukrainian soldiers were neutralized in these clashes. Ukraine’s losses here exceeded 10 thousand soldiers. These clashes did not allow Kiev to launch an attack. The capture of the city negatively affected the morale of the Ukrainian army. affected,” he claimed.

Arguing that the Russian army will advance in the Donetsk region, Korotchenko said, “Now, the regions that the Russian Federation has officially included in its territory need to be liberated. Therefore, Russia will continue in the southeast direction with the aim of preventing Ukraine’s exit to the Black Sea and controlling the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions and the lands east of the Dnipro river. “All this is necessary for Russia to achieve success in a special military operation,” he said.

“Prolonging the conflict will not benefit Russia”

Claiming that the Ukrainian army was trained by Western military experts, Korotchenko stressed that this should not be taken lightly by Russia.

Korotchenko continued:

“It is necessary to realistically evaluate the capabilities and possibilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Ukrainian army has the potential to continue the conflict. The large-scale military and technical support of the Western countries is the decisive factor in the continued resistance of the Ukrainian forces. Therefore, the delivery of weapons to Ukraine by the West must be prevented. Otherwise, the conflicts will prolong. This will not benefit Russia.”

“Russia’s potential was undermined in Bahmut”

Petro Chernik, the military expert in Ukraine, stated that the conflicts in Bahmut lasted for a long time and this was a strategic feature. “The potential he was planning to spend was undermined,” he said.

Noting that the Russian army only advanced 30 kilometers during this time, Chernik said, “Bahmut gave the Ukrainian army time to defend other cities and prepare for the attack. On the other hand, 100 percent of Bahmut was not under control by the Russian army and it is still unclear what will happen in the future.”

Pointing out that the number of Russian soldiers fighting is higher than that of Ukraine, Chernik predicted that Ukraine will carry out the attacks gradually and slowly. Chernik said, “We have enough strength. The Ukrainian army will definitely reach its determined goals, but this will not happen quickly. Ukraine will continue to save its lands day and night.”

Chernik pointed out the importance of the military support of Western countries to Ukraine in this process and stated that the F-16 warplanes, which are planned to be delivered, could change the situation on the ground in favor of Ukraine.

“The Russian army suffered great losses in Bahmut”

Ukrainian military expert Viktor Yagun also claimed that the Russian army suffered great losses in Bahmut, thus weakening it.

“The losses of the Ukrainian army in Bahmut cannot be compared with those of Russia. The attacking side always suffers 3-4 times more losses than the defending side. Therefore, it can be said that the Russian army lost many times more soldiers by a simple calculation,” Yagun said.

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