Second round of overseas voting: All-time first-day record broken

Voters living abroad are at the polls for the second round of the Presidential Election.

On the first day of the voting process, which started at foreign representations and customs offices on May 20, 510,926 voters cast their votes at the representations.

In customs, a total of 19,477 people went to the polls.

Thus, a total of 530,403 people voted at the end of the first day abroad, where ballot boxes have been set up since 2014, breaking the record for the first day of all time in the voting process.

In Germany, where the highest number of Turkish voters are located, the number of those who went to the polls on the first day exceeded 200 thousand.

Voting in 39 countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine, will continue until tonight.

The polls in 15 countries, including Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Russia and Saudi Arabia, will remain open until tomorrow evening.

Voters in Finland will be able to vote until the evening of 23 May.

Voting will end on May 24 in 17 countries, including the USA, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Greece.

In England, ballot boxes were set up in the cities of Manchester, Leicester and Edinburgh, as well as the capital London.

Long queues formed in the country, where there are more than 127 thousand registered voters.

In 12 countries, including Brazil, South Korea, Estonia, Kosovo and Serbia, voting will be possible only today.

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