Second round process abroad: Voting will start on 20 May

Turkish voters living abroad are getting ready to go to the polls again, with the presidential election running to the second round.

In this context, votes can be cast at 156 representations and customs gates in 73 countries.

Voting abroad will start on 20 May and will be completed on 24 May.

At the customs gates, voting will be possible until May 28, 17.00.

Those born before 29 May 2005 will be able to vote in the second round.

Voter addresses used in the first round will be valid for those who will vote abroad.

In Germany, where the highest number of Turkish voters are located, voting can be done between 8.00 and 23.00 in 13 consulate regions.

In the other 4 polling stations, the voting hours will be between 9.00 and 21.00.

Those who were born before 29 May 2005, that is, those who turn 18 after the first round, will be able to vote in the second round.

All votes will be counted on 28 May

These voters are required to check their registration in the foreign electoral roll on the official website of the Supreme Election Board.

Unregistered voters must go to the consulate and register in the foreign electoral register.

Bringing the votes from abroad to Turkey will be similar to the process in the first round.

The votes to be brought to Turkey with the diplomatic courier will be counted together with the other votes after the ballot boxes are closed in Turkey on May 28.

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