Sensitive documents related to nuclear submarine emerge from bar toilet

According to the BBC, one of the country’s leading newspapers, the Sun, documents belonging to the nuclear submarine HMS Anson were found in the city of Cumbria in the northwest of England.
He was found in the bathroom of the Furness Railway bar.

It was reported that the bar in question was located at a point close to the shipyard of the UK-based company BAE Systems, where the submarine was built.

While the BBC wrote that the documents found were not directly examined, the navy official, who spoke to the Sun and did not reveal his identity, argued that these were training documents that did not contain confidential information.

“We take all security issues extremely seriously and will investigate how the documents came to be,” the official said.

The Guardian newspaper also reported that the submarine’s schematics were written “only for officials” on the documents. Documents containing the aforementioned phrase are in a sub-category of “confidential” documents.

“Good thing a Russian agent didn’t find them”

Claiming that Sun did not reveal his identity and found the documents, the person said that the bar was full of soldiers and civilians leaving the shipyard on Saturday when the incident took place.

“I went into the bathroom and saw the documents lying on the floor. Anyone could have gotten them. Fortunately, a Russian agent didn’t find them,” the source said.

The 97-metre-long HMS Anson, belonging to the Astute, the most advanced nuclear submarine class in the British Navy, was launched in February.

The warship, which weighs 7 thousand 800 tons, is located at the naval base in Clyde, Scotland.

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