Shark attacked while fishing on boat

Images taken in the Hawaii region of the United States of America became the agenda on social media.

Scott Haraguchi was attacked by a shark while fishing.

Haraguchi, who was attacked by the tiger shark, one of the most wild and dangerous animals in the ocean, recorded those moments.

Describing what he experienced after the incident became the agenda, Haraguchi said that he first heard a ‘buzz’.

“I looked towards the water and saw a big brown thing. My brain thought it was a turtle, but then I realized it was a tiger shark,” said Haraguchi.

In the footage, Haraguchi was seen kicking the shark away from the boat.

In a statement made by the authorities, it was stated that the shark mistook Haraguchi for a seal.

Stating that tiger sharks rarely attack humans, experts said that the fish in question can grow up to 8 meters and weigh up to 650 kilograms.

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