Spokesperson of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Fire in the house of those who spread fire

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kenani spoke about the protests in Israel with his statement on his social media account.

Kenani used the expressions “Fire in the house of those who spread fire” about the protests in Israel.

Evaluating the protests as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s effort to “stay in power”, Kenani stated that the demonstrations were unprecedented in the history of Israel.

“The prime minister of the murderous Israeli regime, striving to strengthen and maintain his power, has once again caused unprecedented protests in the Zionist society and street clashes among the occupiers of Palestinian land,” Kenani said.

Describing Israel as a “racist” and “occupying regime”, Kenani criticized the support given by Western countries to Israel and said, “It is rather ridiculous that the USA, Europe and England continue to support this racist and occupying regime under the name of democracy.”

After Prime Minister Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who opposed the controversial judicial reform in Israel yesterday, the people took to the streets again.

In his address to the nation in the evening, Netanyahu announced that the second and third readings of the controversial judicial reform were postponed to the next parliamentary session in order to “ensure dialogue” and prevent “civil war”.

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