Sudan tensions between Germany and England

German sources claimed that British forces landed in Sudan without the consent of the Sudanese army.

Meanwhile, other European countries were trying to evacuate their citizens safely from Sudan. Germany, like other European countries, was planning to use an airport north of Khartoum.

But top German political sources said “Britain’s previously unannounced military presence” had angered the Sudanese army and denied entry to the airport for evacuation.

According to one of these sources, after the unauthorized landing of its troops in Sudan, Britain had to pay the Sudanese army before the soldiers left the country. Due to the negotiations for the use of the airport, Germany lost “at least half a day” at a very critical time.

Denying the allegations from the UK

The British Ministry of Defense denied the allegations that it was responsible for the delay in the evacuations.

In a statement made by the ministry, “The claim that Britain’s efforts to evacuate embassy personnel from Sudan over the weekend is not true. It is not true that Germany’s evacuation plans have slowed down. There will always be difficulties to operate in such complex conditions, but the French, American “We have worked extremely closely with our German partners and, of course, we are grateful to the Sudanese Armed Forces.”

Germany has completed the evacuation operation in Sudan. More than 700 people were evacuated by 6 planes. About 200 of these people are citizens of Germany, while the others are citizens of 30 countries, including the UK.

The airport north of Khartoum is now used by Britain for evacuation operations.

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