Sudan to open border crossing with Eritrea

According to the statement made by the Sudan Sovereignty Council, Burhan inspected the army forces in the Red Sea and Kesele states in the east of the country.

Burhan, in his speech during the inspections, stated that they welcome all kinds of support from brotherly and friendly countries for the rebuilding of the country and emphasized that they will not accept any dictatorship.

“The armed forces and the people agree to defeat the rebellion.” said Burhan, praising the high professionalism of the members of the army.

Burhan said, “The war will end with the defeat of the rebellion. The army is determined to save the nation from the cancer of the rebellion until its last soldier. This war also proved that the rebels are committing acts contrary to our values ​​and alien to our society.” said.

Explaining that they also appreciate the relations with Eritrea and Ethiopia, Burhan shared the information that they decided to open the border gates with Eritrea.

What happened?

On 24 August, for the first time 130 days after the start of the clashes with the Rapid Support Forces (HDK), Burhan left the General Command of the Army and inspected the army forces in the Kereri Military District in the city of Umdurman and at the Vadi Seyyidna Air Base.

Burhan, who went by helicopter to the city of Atbara in the Nile River state, visited Egypt after reaching the city of Port Sudan in the Red Sea state.

Burhan is expected to visit South Sudan on September 4 and Qatar on September 6.

Clashes between the army and the HDK in Sudan

The Sudanese army wanted the full integration of the HDK into the army within 2 years, which it once supported but saw as a threat because it acted as an independent and parallel army.

The verbal war and tension, which started with the HDK’s declaration that it could accept this in a period spanning about 10 years after the civilian government, turned into an armed conflict between the parties in the capital Khartoum and various cities on the morning of April 15.

More than 3,000 people, mostly civilians, lost their lives and tens of thousands were injured in the fierce clashes that continued in Khartoum and its environs, especially in the western cities, which is in its 5th month.

The United Nations has announced that more than 4.3 million people have been displaced due to the conflict in Sudan.

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