Support message from Stoltenberg to Ukraine in Kiev

Stoltenberg has been to Ukraine for the first time since Russia launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Visiting Ukraine for the fourth time as Secretary General, Stoltenberg met with President Vladimir Zelenskiy.

Stoltenberg, who shared a message on social media about his visit, stated that he was honored to be in Kiev and to meet with Zelenskiy.

In the statement made by NATO, Stoltenberg and Zelenskiy held a press conference, and the speech of the Secretary General was included.

Addressing the Ukrainians, “NATO is with you today, tomorrow and until the end.” Stoltenberg emphasized that they will support Ukraine against Russia.

[Fotoğraf: Reuters]

“Ukraine’s place is NATO”

Stoltenberg said that since last February 2022, NATO allies have provided Ukraine with 150 billion euros, 65 billion euros of which in military aid, that over the past years they have trained tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers, delivered warplanes, tanks, armored vehicles and made a difference on the battlefield. told.

Emphasizing that the security interests of the Allies require support for Ukraine, Stoltenberg said, “Ukraine’s rightful place is the Euro-Atlantic family. Ukraine’s rightful place is NATO. Over time, our support will make this possible.” he said.

Photo: Reuters[Fotoğraf: Reuters]

Zelensky expected to attend Vilnius Summit in July

Answering the question about Ukraine’s NATO membership, Stoltenberg said:

“I expect NATO allies to agree at the Vilnius Summit, with the participation of President Zelenskiy, to strengthen NATO’s support package for Ukraine and to provide more support. I also understand that Mr. Zelenskiy will raise the issue of membership and security guarantees. will be one of the main agenda items of the meeting.

Stating that they are carrying out a long-term support initiative for Ukraine’s transition from Soviet-era materials and doctrine to NATO standards, Stoltenberg stated that this is an indicator of NATO’s long-term commitment to Ukraine.

Stoltenberg also voiced the need to ensure “solid arrangements” for Ukraine’s security.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg also visited Buça, which fell under Russian control shortly after the start of the Russian attack, outside the capital Kiev, and was later taken over by Ukraine again and became the subject of the world’s attention with the images of corpses on the streets, and laid a wreath at the memorial built here in memory of those who lost their lives. left.

At the end of his visit, Stoltenberg addressed Zelenskiy at the International Summit of Communities and Regions.

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