Swedish parliament approves NATO bill

NATO membership was approved by 269 votes to 37 in the parliamentary vote today.

The Left Party and the Greens Environment Party voted against NATO membership.

In order for Sweden to become a NATO member, it needs the approval of Turkey and Hungary. Currently, 28 NATO countries have accepted the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden.

“A historical event”

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström described the parliamentary vote as a “historic event” and said, “Sweden is in the most serious situation in terms of security after the Second World War. NATO membership is an important part of ensuring Sweden’s security and strengthening the security of the entire Europe, Atlantic region and in solidarity.” It’s the best way to contribute.”

“Sweden has unique capabilities to contribute to NATO in areas such as cyber attacks, new technology and space studies. Sweden will be a reliable ally,” Billström said.

Defense Minister Pal Jonson also said they are working hard to integrate Sweden militarily into NATO.

Defending that Sweden’s NATO membership will make a great contribution to Europe, Jonson said, “Sweden’s NATO membership is a historical event that will have security, defense and political consequences in the world.”

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