Taiwan: 70 Chinese aircraft and 11 ships detected around the island

According to the ministry’s statement, 35 out of 70 aircraft crossed the air and sea line in the Taiwan Strait, which is assumed to limit the areas of influence of the parties, and flew over the area that Taiwan declared the “Air Defense Identification Zone” (ADIZ).

The statement said that 8 “SU-30”, 6 “J-10”, 4 “J-11”, 8 “J-16” fighter jets and “TB-001” type armed drones crossed the nominal “middle line” in the Taiwan Strait. , “Y-8 ASW” type maritime patrol aircraft, “Y-9 EW” and “KJ-500” type early warning aircraft, “CH-4” type armed drone and 4 “J-15” warplanes of ADIZ He was informed that he was flying to the south section.

The flights and ship patrols around the island are thought to be linked to the Chinese military’s military exercise launched after Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen’s visits to Central America and the United States.

The Eastern Front Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which is responsible for the region where Taiwan is located, announced on April 8 that it had started a joint military exercise involving land, air, naval and rocket forces around the island.

In the statement, the military exercise called “Joint Sword” will be carried out by the troops that control rocket batteries attached to the land forces, warships attached to the navy, anti-ship systems based on the land, fighter jets attached to the air force, reconnaissance and early warning aircraft and guided missile systems connected to the rocket forces. reported to have attended.

Taiwan Ministry of Defense announced that 71 military aircraft and 9 ships were seen around the island from April 8, when the exercise started, until the morning of April 9, and 45 sorties were made to the middle line and ADIZ in the Taiwan Strait.

Tsai’s visits

Tsai, the leader of Taiwan, which is in a sovereignty conflict with China, made unofficial visits to the USA on the grounds of “transit transit” before and after his visits to Central American countries Guatemala and Belize.

The Taiwan leader attended the meeting organized by the Hudson Institute in New York City on March 30, and met with the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy and the cross-party Congressional delegation in Simi Valley, California, on April 5.

The Beijing administration announced that it would impose sanctions on two organizations and their executives who mediated Tsai’s contacts while protesting the United States for his visit.

Pelosi’s visit also caused military tension

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August 2022, the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, caused a crisis between Washington and Beijing. While the Chinese army held military exercises that created an actual blockade around the island after the visit, the guided missiles fired from the mainland of China fell into the waters near Taiwan during the exercises in which real weapons and ammunition were used.

After the visit, China increased the patrols of aircraft and ships around Taiwan and made regular flights where it crossed the nominal middle line separating the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan, which China defends as part of its territory, has enjoyed de facto independence since 1949 when the People’s Republic of China was founded. The separation that emerged after the civil war between mainland China and Taiwan still continues.

Beijing, emphasizing the principle of “One China”, opposes Taiwan’s establishing independent diplomatic relations with the countries of the world, its representation in the United Nations and other international organizations, and stipulates that the countries that recognize it should break diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

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