The African who exposed the racist discourse of the police in France was detained again

According to the news of the French channel BFMTV, 23-year-old Souleymane A was detained by riot police on the grounds that he was near the group that attempted to burn the trash can at the demonstration held in the capital Paris on April 14, after the Constitutional Council approved the draft law on pension reform.

Souleymane A. and 2 other students who were taken into custody will testify on the charge of “arson of public property”.

On the other hand, in the news of BFMTV, “He was detained for attempting to burn the garbage container with 2 people.” “He was detained by the police on the grounds that he was near a group that attempted to burn the trash can,” on the warning of Souleymane A’s lawyer, Arie Alimi. It was noteworthy that the shape changed.

Alimi, on his Twitter account, stated that BFMTV distorted the facts, adding, “BFMTV, it is not nice to broadcast the police version of (the news) that even the police know is false. The facts were recorded and filmed. Have a nice day.” used the phrases.

Alimi told BFMTV, which reached him, that the videos from the police showed that Souleymane A was not involved in the incident against which he was charged.


Unauthorized demonstrations against the pension reform took place in Paris on March 20.

Loopsider, which is broadcasting online, published the audio recordings of the incident where a group of French policemen insulted, threatened and slapped 7 demonstrators, including Souleymane A, on Monday evening.

It was revealed in the audio recordings that one policeman threatened Souleymane A with “hospitalization” and another policeman with racist insults and deportation from France.

Upon the complaint of the student from Chad, the National Police Investigation Unit (IGPN), known as the “police of the police” in France, launched an investigation against the police officers in question with the order of the prosecutor’s office.

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