“The contents of some of the secret military documents have been changed”

Kirby answered questions from journalists at his daily press conference.

Kirby stated that US President Joe Biden has been updated on the subject since last week, regarding the leaking of “secret” documents containing information on many current issues, especially the Ukraine war, and their publication on social media.

Noting that the Ministry of Justice has launched a judicial investigation into the leak, Kirby noted that it would be right to wait for the results of the investigation to comment on the documents. “We take this very, very seriously. There can be no excuse for such documents to be in the public domain,” Kirby said. he said.

Noting that the US is in contact with its allies regarding the leak in question at a “high level”, Kirby said that the contents of some of the documents leaked to the press were changed. Kirby stated that he would not comment on whether all the leaked documents were genuine.

Kirby said, “We urge you all to be very careful with how you report this matter, as we know that this information has been tampered with in at least some cases.” he warned reporters.

Expressing that it would not be right to speculate about who leaked the documents for what purpose, Kirby said, “We really don’t know.” gave the answer.

Leaked documents

Last week, documents with the coat of arms of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff were leaked, containing up-to-date military and intelligence information on key issues, including the Ukraine-Russia war, intelligence activities related to Russia, Israel, Canada, South Korea, China and Iran’s nuclear program.

It is stated that the leaks made on Twitter and Russian Telegram channels are as important as the 2010 WikiLeaks scandal, in which US diplomatic cryptos were leaked, and the Snowden crisis in 2013, when digital surveillance activities were leaked.

Despite the WikiLeaks and Snowden disclosures, many American experts point out that the importance of the new leak comes from the fact that the shared documents contain up-to-date information.

It is stated that the leaked documents were actually shared on Discord and Telegram in February and March, but it was just noticed.

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