The donation collected for earthquake victims in Belgium reached 11.6 million euros

Public and private radio channels broadcasting in Flemish in the country were included in the donation campaign organized for earthquake victims by the consortium “12-12”, which was formed by some aid organizations in Belgium in the first month of the earthquake, for one day yesterday.

Radios played the song “People help people”, sung by 30 artists, including Turkish singer Hadise, and some radio programs devoted their broadcasts to earthquakes and aid campaigns.

Radios within the country’s largest media groups made calls for help throughout the day by conveying the account information of the consortium named “12-12” with announcements.

Thanks to these publications, it was announced that 1.8 million euros were collected in 1 day. With the addition of yesterday’s donations, it has been reported that the amount of donations collected by the “12-12” consortium for earthquake victims has reached 11.6 million euros.

In the statement made by the consortium, “We are grateful for this great solidarity and the support of the media organizations in the country. We also thank them for the generosity of individuals, companies and government institutions.” statement was included.

Last year, the 12-12 consortium organized a big campaign for the Ukrainians, in which 29 million euros were collected.

The consortium consists of charities Caritas International, Belgian Red Cross, Handicap International, Doctors of the World, Oxfam Belgium, Plan International and UNICEF Belgium.

Donations can be made to the consortium’s account numbered “BE19 0000 0000 1212” or to the website “”.

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