The ‘dwarfs football team’ in Gaza wants to wave the Palestinian flag at the matches

The team, which is the first of its kind in Gaza, prepares for international matches with a high concentration and enthusiastic atmosphere in the indoor gym.

The team’s core roster was recently formed with the support of the Palestine Amputee Football Federation. The team also forms part of the Palestine Dwarfs National Football Team, founded in Lebanon in 2021 and recognized by the Palestine National Football Federation.

It is planned that the players will make their debut for the Palestine Dwarfs National Team in the match against Morocco in May.

Continuing to work with the support of the people of Gaza, the actors said in their statements to the AA correspondent that they hoped “the team will change the society’s view of the dwarves and elevate the Palestinian flag”.

[Fotoğraf: AA]

Both hopeful and ambitious

40-year-old player Ala Mikdad, who is 1.18 meters tall, said that he is very happy to be a part of the first dwarfs football team in Gaza.

Mikdad said, “For years, we have been playing football as a hobby with friends from the neighborhood on various occasions, but there is a situation that brings us together in a single team for the first time and gives us hope with the contributions of our valuable society.” said.

Mikdad, nicknamed “Uncle Alloush”, pointed out that the dwarves in the Gaza Strip are classified as individuals with special needs, but they do not have any special privileges, and pointed out that the team created a social awareness for the dwarves in Gaza.

Mikdad also emphasized that he believes his team will elevate the Palestinian flag by waving it in international events.

Society’s view of dwarves

Mentioning the social problems faced by the dwarves in Gaza, Mikdad said that he was also exposed to various kinds of bullying years ago, but today, the society’s view of the dwarves has changed with the increase in awareness.

Mikdad said that dwarves have become an important part of society today.

At the same time, 1.14 meters tall Heytham es-Saka, who works for a non-governmental organization in Gaza, does not agree with Mikdad.

Saka, who thinks that the society’s view of dwarves has not changed, said, “The reason for the difficulties experienced by the dwarves in the Gaza Strip is the social view that still treats us as disabled and does not accept us.” said.

Emphasizing that the fact that dwarves are not accepted as normal members of society affects them negatively, Saka said, “The negative view of the society towards dwarves affects their participation in society and their access to services such as health, education and employment. We break this view by participating in social activities.” he said.

Stating that he started playing football while he was a student at school and continued as a professional player over time, Saka described the fact that they will now represent Palestine abroad with a football team as a “great transformation” for the dwarves in Gaza.

They will be in the squad of the Palestine Dwarfs National Team in the match against Morocco.

President of the Palestine Amputee Football Federation, Fuad Abu Galyun, said, “The federation is interested in football, whether it is in the amputee or dwarf category. The 5 players who took part in this training today form the core of the dwarfs football team in Gaza.” said.

Ebu Galyun stated that the 5 players in question will be in the squad of the Palestine Dwarfs National Team in the match against Morocco in May.

Noting that the Dwarfs football team was founded after 3 years of searching for sponsors, Ebu Galyun said that there were financial and technical problems while the team was being established.

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