The family of the black teenager killed by the police in the USA was paid 2 million dollars compensation

The family’s attorney, Terri Keyser-Cooper, announced that the Sparks County insurance company also paid the final installment of the $2 million in damages in the lawsuit regarding Miciah Lee’s murder.

Keyser-Cooper stated that Lee had no criminal record and was not wanted for any crime at the time of the murder.

Attorney Keyser-Cooper said that in Lee’s vehicle, he was the target of five bullets, even though his gun was between his legs and his hands were clearly visible.

Emphasizing that in addition to the 2 million dollar compensation, Keyser-Cooper underlined that the Sparks district administration has committed to provide 40 hours of crisis intervention training to the police, and also pointed out that training on the use of force, intervention in suicide cases and communication with psychological problems are among the items in the agreement.

Keyser-Cooper claimed that Lee had psychological problems for a long time and used drugs, but that the police teams that intervened in the incident did not have enough training in responding to such cases.

Sparks district, on the other hand, made a statement on the subject and it was noted that it was hoped that the event would be closed for all parties as a result of the reconciliation.

Lee’s mother pointed out that she had “received returns from the county administration that she would further train the police officers in Sparks so that something like this wouldn’t happen again.”

The family filed a lawsuit alleging it was an unjustified murder stemming from the “police culture at Sparks” and that the cops involved in Lee’s murder were not adequately trained to deal with such cases.

Former Sparks Chief Peter Krall, on the other hand, stated in his statement to the court that “the police knew how to intervene in the incident and it was a mistake that they did not act in accordance with their training”.

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