The first of the ‘Century of Türkiye’ panel series was held in Cologne, Germany.

In the panel moderated by Muhammed Ali Uçar in Wolkenburg in the city center of Cologne, the development and change that Turkey has experienced from past to present was explained, and an evaluation was made about its future goals.

Academician Hasan Basri Yalçın said that the “Century of Turkey” was put forward as a vision by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before the panel, and that Turkey is on the way to become a great power not only in its region but also globally.

Yalçın said, “This vision seems to have been put forward to transform Turkey into a global actor in the world. In recent years, there have been very important developments in Turkey’s foreign policy, military and domestic political structuring. I think it will be a century to make Turkey an old actor in the world, not only in its region but also in the global sense, Turkey is on the way to become a great power.” said.

Journalist Zafer Şahin reminded that in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic, Turkey held the elections on 14 May, emphasizing the importance of these elections.

“Türkiye will be the rising value of this century”

Stating that Turkey has built a very solid infrastructure in the last century, Şahin said:

“It created the corporate culture, it became an active state in its region. It has become a power that wonders what Turkey will say and what attitude it will take when a crisis arises in the world. Here is the reason why the new century is called the ‘Turkish Century’, with its infrastructure and strong army. With its political stability, we already have a voice not only in the region but also in the world.We have all the necessary infrastructure to be one of the leading countries in the future, and therefore, I think that Turkey’s way is very clear in the century of Turkey, especially as a country that has solved its energy problem. I hope so, Turkey will be the rising value of this century.”

Academician Tacettin Kutay said that people living in Europe have a very important accumulation and capital, and this value cannot be measured with materiality.

Kutay said, “We do not have the luxury of severing our ties with our people living in Europe, especially in Germany. They carry much more of our concerns about our country than we do. “We are talking about social events, the transformation, political and social issues. We saw that we were together with friends who were very relevant and could analyze the issues better than us, and this pleased us very much,” he said.

Panels will continue in Berlin and Hamburg

Nur Özkan Erbay, Turkey Brand Office Coordinator under the Presidency of Communications, gave information about the “Century of Turkey” panel series and said that after Cologne, the panels will continue in Berlin and Hamburg.

Emphasizing that more than 7 million Turkish citizens in Europe are the soldiers of Turkey’s country brand abroad, Erbay stated that they will talk about the fields in which Turkey has become a world brand country, and explain their plans, projects and goals with these panels.

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