The French take to the streets across the country to oppose controversial pension reform

Against the government’s pension reform, which aims to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64, different sectors such as education and transportation went on strike across the country, and demonstrations were held in more than 200 points, especially in metropolitan cities.

The demonstration, which started in Invalides Square in the capital city of Paris, ended in Italy Square.

During the demonstration, a brawl broke out between the police and the demonstrators. Using tear gas and batons, the police detained some demonstrators.

Some demonstrators smashed the windows of shop windows and bus stops.

While the Ministry of Interior stated that 480 thousand people participated in the demonstrations across the country, the CGT union announced this number as 1.7 million. The Paris Police Department reported that 17 people were detained during the demonstration in Paris.

On the other hand, labor unions urged parliamentarians to vote against the bill on pension reform, which will be discussed in the Senate and the National Assembly tomorrow.

Controversial pension reform

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on January 10 that the pension reform, which was among the election promises of President Emmanuel Macron, would be implemented.

Stating that in the country where the retirement age is 62, the legal retirement age will be gradually increased by 3 months every year and will be increased to 64 in 2030, and said that in 2027, a 43-year premium payment requirement will be introduced in order to receive the full pension.

There have been multiple strikes and protests across the country since 19 January against the controversial reform.

The Senate, which approved the most controversial article of the reform “which envisages gradually increasing the retirement age from 62 to 64” on March 9, accepted the other articles of the reform on March 12.

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