The head of the public institution quoting Mussolini in Italy quit his job

Anastasio, the head of the “3-I” software agency, which was created under state control to ensure the security of information technologies and cyberspace of leading public institutions such as the Social Security Institution (INPS), the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) and the National Insurance Institute Against Work Accidents (INAIL), said: became the agenda of the country with the quote.

According to the news of the newspaper La Repubblica, Anastasio’s internal e-mail to the members of the board of directors caused controversy when he quoted Mussolini’s address dated January 3, 1925, which historians describe as the speech that started Italy’s transition to dictatorship.

In the news in the Italian press today, it was stated that after the e-mail incident, which drew great reaction from the opposition and left circles, was reflected to the public, Anastasio sent another e-mail and announced that he had resigned from his position as the chairman of the “3-I” software agency.

Anastasio was appointed to this post in December 2022 by the right-wing coalition government led by Giorgia Meloni, the most extreme right-wing government since the fascist dictator Mussolini, who was in power in the country from 1922-1943.

The speech of Mussolini to the parliament on January 3, 1925, which Anastasio referred to in his e-mail, is about the kidnapping and murder on June 10, 1924, of Giacomo Matteotti, General Secretary of the United Socialist Party, the political rival of the fascist dictator at that time. Mussolini claimed political responsibility for Matteotti’s murder in that speech. Many historians later described this speech as a turning point in Italy’s transition to dictatorship.

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