The incident was listed as ‘murder’ in the forensic report of the black man who died from police violence in the USA.

In the US state of Tennessee, on January 7, black Tire Nichols was beaten to death by 6 policemen.

The report, released by the coroner in Memphis, stated that Nichols died from severe blows to the head.

The report described Nichols’ manner of death as “murder,” and noted multiple bruises, brain injuries, cuts and bruises on his head and other parts of the body.

“The official autopsy report furthers our commitment to seek justice for this senseless tragedy,” said Ben Crump, Nichols’ family lawyer. used the phrase.


Tire Nichols, a 29-year-old black man working as a FedEx driver in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA, was stopped by the police on January 7 for “careless driving” and got out of his car, and was brutally beaten during the detention process.

The young man, 5 of whom were black and 6 policemen, after beating him for minutes, did not receive medical attention for about 30 minutes, and even the firefighters, who came to the scene within 10 minutes after the violence ended and had medical equipment, did not give any medical attention to Nichols.

The black youth, who was later taken to the hospital, died 3 days later due to excessive bleeding.

Demonstrations against police violence were held in the cities of Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York and Portland after the beating footage of Nichols was released.

The Memphis Police Department suspended 6 police officers involved in the incident, and 3 firefighters were dismissed. A lawsuit was filed against the police officers involved in the incident on the charge of “murder”.

Nichols’ mother also filed a $550 million federal lawsuit against the Memphis city government and police department.

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