The International Development and Migration Conference ended with the decision to start the “Roman Process”

The international conference in Rome, where the prevention of irregular migration and development in the Mediterranean and Africa were discussed. Hosting the conference, Prime Minister Meloni held a press conference after the second and last session of the meeting.

Meloni said that the conference took place with a participation that exceeded their expectations.

Prime Minister Meloni stated that due to their geographical location, they are “inevitably” a bridge between the European Union (EU), Africa and the Middle East, and that Italy has the necessary cards to play a leading role in the Mediterranean and Africa.

Referring to the importance of the conference they held, Meloni said, “Today’s initiative was not just about talking. It is an initiative that we call the Rome Process. The nations that have not cooperated until now now understand that the interests are united and that there should be cooperation. I speak of it as a process because we define it as a broad road. It is the beginning of a strategic road. Other countries will be involved and the work will take many years. The beginning of a great day but a long work should be considered.” he said.

Emphasizing the need to cooperate against illegal immigration, Meloni said that a cooperation that puts the Mediterranean at the center could produce a solution.

Meloni explained that countries sometimes think it is right to strengthen their police forces and judicial authorities to consolidate their work.

Asked what the tangible outcome of the conference is, Meloni said, “The United Arab Emirates has already announced 100 million euros of support to launch these cooperation initiatives. It is an important signal in terms of concreteness.” gave the answer.

Stating that there are borders and migration must be managed, Meloni said, “It is necessary to stop human trafficking networks. This is a goal we all share. It is also necessary to help those fleeing war and terrorism, and those who need respect for international law.” said.

Reaction from Meloni to the non-renewal of the Black Sea Grain Agreement

Stating that the results of the war in Ukraine had an impact in Africa and that he was trying to focus attention on Africa today, he noted that the issue of irregular migration will be an important topic in the G7 Presidency, which they will undertake as Italy next year.

Meloni also touched upon the impact of the Grain Corridor Agreement on African countries, saying, “I strongly condemn the non-renewal of the agreement on grain. Using food that feeds the world as a means of war is a crime against humanity, as I have said before. We should work on a diplomatic path for an agreement, but the international community should give maximum support to Africa.” used the phrases.

result statement

In the 22-point final statement shared after the conference, it was stated that the participants of the International Conference on Development and Migration discussed ways to combat human trafficking and promote legal migration, and also agreed to initiate the “Rome Process”, which is a strategic, comprehensive and multi-year platform for collective action.

Participants committed to working together with common and divergent but consistent approaches to meet the challenges associated with irregular migration flows across the wider Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa; In addition, they will aim to develop and strengthen basic services such as socio-economic development, fight against poverty, social protection, energy, health, water and shelter, and legal migration routes.

In addition, conference participants will aim to strengthen measures to prevent loss of life, through bilateral or multilateral agreements, to effectively combat human trafficking by land or sea, to eliminate criminal organizations engaged in human trafficking, to detect, monitor and freeze the illegal gains from human trafficking.

To the conference hosted by Italy; Turkey, Tunisia, UAE, Mauritania, Libya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malta, Jordan, Nigeria, Algeria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Greece, Greek Cypriot Administration, Bahrain, Qatar, as well as the relevant organizations of the European Union, African Union and the United Nations.

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