The Israeli government held its weekly meeting in the tunnels under the Burak Wall

According to the news of the Hebrew newspaper Maarif, the government meeting under the chairmanship of Benjamin Netanyahu held in the “Burak tunnels” for the second time since 2017, on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel.

In his speech at the beginning of the meeting, Netanyahu said, “56 years have passed since the 6-day war on June 5, 1967, when we united the city (Jerusalem). However, the struggle for the unity of the city continues, it is not over yet.” used the phrases.

Defending that there are still difficulties ahead, Netanyahu said, “There are those who want the city to be divided openly.” said.

In his speech, Netanyahu demanded that his government continue, “This government must be preserved for our security and the unity of Jerusalem.” claimed.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Organization (KAN), on the other hand, stated that the government is expected to sign a budget to be allocated to the construction and development of the “Western Wall” (Burak Wall) tunnels on the occasion of Jerusalem day, and to be allocated for the protection and benefit of the discovered ancient artifacts, and the improvement of the infrastructure of the region. .

reaction from Palestine

On the other hand, the Israeli government’s holding its meeting in a tunnel under the Buraq Wall was condemned by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

“Continuing exemption from punishment encourages Israel to continue its operations to Judaize and annex Jerusalem,” the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. made statements.

In the statement, it was noted that the meeting in question was a dictation of annexing and Judaizing Jerusalem, completely separating it from Palestine and completely closing the door to the formation of the Palestinian state. highlighted.

Hamas Spokesperson Hazim Qasim also drew attention to the fact that Israel has escalated a dangerous religious war in the holy city, and stated that “it is an attempt to forge the identity of Jerusalem, which means a clear attack against the Islamic Ummah and the Palestinian people.”

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