The latest situation in the historical Trump indictment in the USA

A first in the United States.

The New York Grand Jury has decided to prepare an indictment against former US President Donald Trump.

In the investigation conducted in New York, allegations that Trump had an affair with two women and paid them to be silent were discussed.

In the investigation, in which Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, also testified against, the grand jury listened to the witnesses and examined the evidence.

The jury voted to impeach Trump, that is, to prepare an indictment against him.

Thus, for the first time, an indictment will be prepared against a US president.

“USA is now a third world country”

Trump reacted sharply to the decision. “This is the highest level of political persecution and election interference in history,” he said.

Stating that this is an unprecedented attack in the country, Trump said that the USA is now a third world country.

“I believe this witch hunt will backfire on Joe Biden greatly,” he said.

Mike Pence, who was Vice President during Trump’s presidency, also called the jury’s decision “political prosecution”.

Ron De Santis, the governor of Florida and seen as Trump’s biggest opponent in the Republican Party, also described the investigation as political.

De Santis, who did not mention Trump’s name in his statement, said, “Using the judiciary as a political weapon would defeat the rule of law.”

His lawyer said Trump could appear in court on Tuesday.

The Secret Service and New York Police, tasked with protecting current and former presidents, are reportedly discussing the procedure for Trump’s appearance in court on Tuesday.

What punishment can Trump get?

According to the general opinion, as a result of the trial, it will be decided that Trump has committed a minor crime.

However, if Trump is found to have committed a serious crime, he will be sentenced to up to 4 years in prison.

There is no provision in US law preventing the convicted candidate from competing.

There is also no law preventing him from running the country if he is sent to prison and wins the election.

Moreover, comments are made that the current situation may add plus points to Trump’s credit before the 2024 presidential election.

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