The law to remove the wage inequality between men and women in Brazil is on the agenda

President Lula da Silva presented a new package of more than 25 bills on women’s rights “to reverse the decline in women’s rights in the country during the previous government” at the ceremony held at the Planalto Palace in the capital Brasilia on the occasion of 8 March International Women’s Day. announced.

It was stated that the most important issue in the announced package was the bill that guarantees equal pay to men and women doing the same job.

It was stated in the package that it was planned to spend 372 million reals (approximately 1 billion 370 million liras) to build shelters for women who suffered domestic violence, and 100 million reals (approximately 368 million 253 thousand liras) to support science projects to be carried out under the leadership of women.

“Brazil is back to combat all forms of violence against women”

Speaking at the ceremony, Lula da Silva said the government headed by former President Jair Bolsonaro “lacks respect for destroying public policy, cutting basic budgetary resources and motivating violence against women”.

Blaming his predecessor Bolsonaro, who was described as an “extreme rightist” for the decline in women’s rights, Lula said, “I am pleased to say that Brazil is back. Brazil has returned to respect women and to fight discrimination, harassment, rape, femicide, all forms of violence against women. ” she said.

Brazilian President Lula da Silva emphasized that there are many forms of violence against women and described it as “the duty of the state and society as a whole” to combat each of them.

According to a 2018 report by Human Rights Watch, Brazilian female workers are generally paid 23 percent less than men, despite their higher levels of education.

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